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"I will be brave with my story so that others can be brave with theirs." ~ Annonomys 



It can be incredibly difficult and painful to want to be a parent and to struggle to conceive your child. Envisioning becoming a parent often includes thinking that you will get pregnant easily. You may have spent so much time when you were younger trying not to get pregnant, and then once you were ready it presented different obstacles. Challenges with fertility put you on a path that you never dreamed of traveling. And... it is heart breaking! 


Going through this can make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Like some how you are not able to do the thing that your body was built to do. This can bring up feelings of frustration, shame, sadness, disappointment, loss, grief and anger. You might feel like, "why me?" 

You may have heard these statements from friends, family members or co-workers...



It can often feel like no one understands how painful this is and you might at times just want to scream. Go ahead..I'll wait. 


The paid is real - whether you have been trying for six months or two years; whether you are still hoping to conceive naturally or are preparing for IUI, IVF, surrogacy or adoption. Seeking out therapeutic support is a great first step to find some peace and resolution. 


I would love to hold space so that you can process the challenges, pain and heart ache. Together we can work towards feeling more grounded, connected, hopeful, in control and excited about the next phase in your life.

"Stop trying and it will happen."  


"Think about something else." 

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Areas of Focus

* Fertility concerns

* Grief and loss

* Supporting couples during this season

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