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Mother and Son

"To live is to give. To share is to care. Love is the deity of all life. There are no beginnings. There are no ends. There's just now forever and ever." Makasha Roske


 Working with Mirra has been the most healing experience of my life. Mirra is a true gift to life- I am so grateful for Mirra’s practice because my true self is now able to believe…I am safe, I am strong, I am loved, I am me. ~Tammy


Mirra has extensive experience working with adoptive families. She understands the trauma, the attachment and trust issues, and the profound sense of loss and disruption that a child may experience. We are so deeply grateful for Mirra- she made all the difference! ~Robin 

I am incredibly grateful for Mirra! She is gentle, compassionate, kind and incredibly understanding. Through our time together I have gained practical skills to help me navigate through my depression and anxiety, I have learned to love and accept myself more fully than I would have thought possible, and she has guided me to find true healing from my past. I honestly owe my life to her. ~Luke

Mirra is a very knowledgeable therapist with a gentle and calming demeanor. She has a deep understanding of the underlying issues of adopted children and has equipped not only my daughter, but our entire family with many lifelong tools and coping strategies. Our household mantra is "Everyone needs a Mirra!" ~Mary

In couples therapy, Mirra has helped us understand and alter the patterns that cause us unnecessary friction, and has been crucial in keeping us focused on unlocking the potential of our relationship. She is a highly skilled, talented and caring therapist. ~Tom

As a therapist myself, I’m beyond relieved to have found Mirra as my therapist.  She consistently holds space for my intense emotions with a nonjudgmental and compassionate stance.  I can really feel she believes that I can make changes for the better, helps me check my distorted thoughts, gives helpful suggestions for behavior changes, and celebrates the small victories along the way. ~Clair 

Taking a course from Mirra, was such a privilege. She's not only a beautiful soul but an amazing professional. I felt an immediate connection with her as she makes you feel understood and guides you from place of love, empathy, and true knowledge. I took away real tangible tools to help me recognize and calm my emotions before they take over, as well as insights to help my daughter regulate hers that I'm using regularly now. ~ Martha.

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