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Mirra Wicker

Hey there! I'm Mirra, a licensed clinical social worker and certified Parent coach on a mission to help you build lasting bonds and find emotional well-being. With a passion for supporting parents, I bring warmth and insights to navigate the joys and complexities of parenthood. As the founder of Ohana Therapy and Connected Beginnings, I'm here to empower you in creating secure connections with yourself and your children. Join me on this transformative journey!

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My Passion

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and challenging roles in life. It is full of joy and also sorrow as we are forced to confront our own wounds and painful childhood experiences. 


I think we often come into parenting with rose colored glasses. So excited to meet our child and embark on the journey of parenthood. But once there, we may experience feelings we never knew possible. Where we thought we would feel joy we may feel anxiety. Where we thought we would offer comfort we scream, punish or dismiss. This can leave us feeling devastated, ashamed and alone. 


My name is Mirra and I get it. I’ve been a licensed therapist for 10 years and have been working with parents, couples and families much longer than that. Four years ago I was blessed with our first child, Seaenna. I had years of experience and training and now I was about to put it into practice. “Bring it on” I thought. What I didn't know was that all the training in the world couldn't fully prepare me for this incredible and life changing experience of parenthood. As I lay in bed a week postpartum I am riddled with anxiety, intrusive thoughts and a heaviness on my heart I never new possible. The traumas I had experienced in my own life were looking me right in the face. I was supposed to love and enjoy these first moments of being a mom and instead I was overwhelmed, scared and confused. With support I was able to work through and regain my sense of peace. During this journey as a mom I have learned and grown in ways that I never knew possible. I was already passionate about working with parents during this precious and challenging time, and now I am on fire. 


I believe with my whole heart that we can be the parents we desire to be and parenthood can feel exciting, joyful and rewarding.To get there though we have to be willing to look within. By healing our own wounds we will be able to show up fully for ourselves, our child(ren) and our family. 


  • Founder of Ohana Therapy

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • Master of Social Work – The University of Denver

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy – The Denver Family Institute

  • PACT trained- Level 1  (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy)

  • PAIRS Trained- Level 1 (Practical Approaches to Intimate Relationship Skills) 

  • EMDR Trained - Level 1 and 2 (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Trained in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy 

  • DDP Trained- Level 1 (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy)

  • Contract Therapist with the PASS Center (Post Adoption Services and Support)

  • Provided In-Home Therapy with the Community Infant Program– specializing in conception, pregnancy, birth, bonding, trauma, and parenting concerns. 


Fun Facts

I grew up in Hawaii

I am a mama to two AMAZING kiddos

My husband and I were MARRIED in Sayulita, Mexico

I have a GINORMOUS family

I was an aunt before I was born

I'm a dancer

I LOVE wearing flip flops

I'd prefer it to be 80 degrees ALL the time

I LOVE adventuring with my family and friends

I've lived in Mexico, Brazil, Aruba and Spain

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