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How to Stay Calm in The Midst of Parenting Chaos

Live Class or Watch Recoding Later + Workbook

February 13, 2024 @ 1PM MST

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Are you ready to acquire the essential tools to become the calm and connected parent you've always longed to be?"

Welcome to "How to Stay Calm In The Midst of Parenting Chaos" a live 2.5 hour course designed for parents seeking to navigate challenging moments with patience and calm. Parenting can be incredibly stressful, especially during those moments when our children are experiencing big emotions. Despite our best intentions, we may find ourselves triggered and reacting harshly, which is neither helpful for our child nor a pleasant experience for us.

Nervous System Dynamics

Delve into the complexities of the nervous system and understand its profound influence on your parenting journey. 

Powerful Regulation Tools

Acquire effective tools to maintain emotional regulation, even when faced with your child's intense feelings or challenging behavior.

Understand Your Triggers:

Gain insights into the triggers that may surface during challenging moments, equipping yourself with awareness to navigate them effectively.

Secure Attachment & Repair

Recognize the pivotal role of fostering secure attachment with your child and discover the transformative power of repair as key tools for a deeper, connected relationship.

Unlock Your Parenting Potential

Join us on this journey to understand the science behind emotional regulation, discover the roots of your triggers, and equip yourself with practical techniques to foster a secure and thriving connection with your child. Don't miss this opportunity to embrace calm parenting and master the art of navigating big moments with grace and compassion. Your journey towards a more connected and resilient parent-child relationship begins here.

Mother and Daughter

How to Stay Calm in the
Midst of Parenting Chaos


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