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Parent coaching is designed to support and empower parents in building strong and loving relationships with their children. Discover how our unique approach can help you create a nurturing, connected and joyful family environment.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching provides personalized guidance and support to help you navigate the challenges of parenthood. I will work with you to develop effective strategies and techniques that promote positive communication, emotional connection, and healthy boundaries with your children. I'd be honored to support you along your parenting journey.

Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting is a powerful way to be with your children and also with yourself. Conscious parenting  focuses on cultivating self-awareness, empathy, and mindfulness in your parenting journey. Learn how to foster a deep understanding of your child's needs, emotions, and behaviors, and create a nurturing environment that promotes their overall well-being.

Connected Families

Connected parenting is at the heart of what I do. Connected parenting emphasizes building strong and secure attachments with your children. Discover effective techniques to strengthen the parent-child bond, enhance communication, and promote healthy emotional development. Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from truly connecting with your child and your family.

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1:1 Coaching

60-Min One-on-One Coaching
Elevate your parenting and deepen your relationship with your child(ren) and yourself! Each session you will walk away with tailored strategies and skills to tackle your unique goals. Sessions are via Zoom. 
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